Ginger Beer

 There was a pile of ginger at the farmers’ market last week and I remembered a recipe in Karen Solomon’s book, “Jam it, Pickle it, Cure, it.” And I had limes still on the tree in the backyard.

Take about 2 pounds of ginger (I did not peel it), chop it up,  and put it in a blender with 2 cups of water. Puree it and strain it. Put the solids back in the blender and add another 2 cups of water. Blend and strain again. Juice about 8 to 10 limes and add the juice to the strained liquid. Add 1-2 cups sugar to taste.

This is a very strong tasting liquid but really grows on you and seems to mellow as it sits in the refrigerator. Solomon says it will last refrigerated for 3 weeks but it is almost half gone after just one day around here.

We added bubbly water or iced tea to the ginger beer and have been drinking it up. My research says that ginger is very good for you. So enjoy and stay healthy.

Another note about the above blender in the picture. That was a wedding gift 27 years ago and is starting to show and sound its age. So sad that we may have to replace it! I will look into repairing it as I am sure a new one will not last 27 years.

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