Pomegranates and Figs

Fig beetles were winning. They had been swarming over the fig tree and eating the ripe fruit. They are really annoying bugs. They seem to fly randomly and will bump into anything including the side of the house. Do they have eyes?

So, a backyard harvest took place this morning. I gathered all of the figs – ripe now or not. I also decided that since we had the ladder out that my husband and I should gather the the rest of the pomegranates.

A morning of food preservation then began. The figs were washed and prepped for jam. Some of the figs were past ripe and beginning to ferment. Now I know why those bugs were flying so haphazardly – they were drunk on fermented figs!

Pomegranates are juicy so we made a giant mess getting seeds out of the pomegranates. We purchased a plastic grid device (pictured below) that assists in removing the seeds. It did a pretty good job so if you have a pomegranate tree and want to easily remove the seeds you might want to try it. After seeding and a spin in the food processor, we had five cups of pomegranate juice. Jelly making will take place soon.

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