God Made Families

God Made Families Storytime – Training Video (11 min.)

God Made Families Teacher’s Manual


Week One – Thank You God for Fathers
Make a Father’s Day Card.

Week Two – Brothers And Sisters
Put kid shaped stickers on a heart printed on 8.5″x11″ cardstock paper.

Week Three – Houses
Put family stickers in a House. This PDF file is 11″x17″ and has four crafts per page.

Week Four – Cares/Food
Glue Food Pictures and food labels on a paper plate.

Week Five – Teach Us
Make a Bible made of black construction paper with Bible insert and put a Bible label on the front. Let children decorate it with any fun stickers. Or use this familyteaches .pdf to print on 11×17 paper (two to a page).

Week Six – Take Us to Church
For larger car stickers use Road Picture (11″x17″)
If you want to use smaller car stickers, here is a smaller Road Picture (8.5″x11″)