God Made Me – example video

God Made Me Storytime – example video (10 min.)

God Made Me Teacher’s Manual
Food Pictures for use with story

I have listed 10 weeks worth of crafts but rarely do we do this unit for 10 weeks so you can just pick which crafts you would like to do.

Week One Eyes
Glue magazine pictures or colored dots (likeAvery labels) on God Made Eyes paper

Week Two Ears
Decorate paper plate tambourine with stickers of your choice. Glue two small sturdy paper plates together and fill with beans, rice, or lentils. I usually premake the tambourines so that they are dry and just let the children do the decorating. Make a label that says, “Thank you, God, for my ears.”

Week Three Mouth
Glue Food Pictures and Food Label on a paper plate.

Week Four Nose
Color Fruit Tree and add scented stickers.

Week Five Touch
Glue felt shapes on Turtle sheet.

Week Six Eyes
Decorate a Rainbow sheet. Children can color, paint, use stickers, etc.

Week Seven Ears
Children decorate jumbo craft sticks with dot stickers. Craft sticks are available at http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/

Week Eight Nose
Children color Flower Picture and add scent using a cotton swab dipped in scented water.

Week Nine Touch
Glue different textures on Hand sheet with hand shapes. I use a cotton ball (soft), sand paper (rough), shiny ribbon (smooth), and a piece of wood (hard). I cut the jumbo craft sticks mentioned above into one inch pieces.

Week Ten Review
Children decorate a God Made Me frame with stickers and add a shiny mirror to the center. Shiny paper is available at art supply or craft stores, or you can use mylar.