Forms of Fermentation

I mixed up a batch of bread using my sourdough starter that demands daily feeding. I measured out 500 grams of grains from their bins and milled them using my new KoMo mill. I added 100 grams of the starter, 10 grams of salt, and 400 grams of water. After I made sure they were all combined, I left them to rest in a Cambro bin.
Then, I realized I should start a batch of yogurt for breakfast tomorrow. So out came the container with the little bit of yogurt from the last batch to be combined with milk in a quart jar. This is then added to the stockpot with the sous vide circulating heater set to 110°. I have found this to be a really great way to maintain the constant temperature for culturing dairy (thanks to Ernest Miller for the idea).
When I finished the set up I realized it might be time for a family photo of various fermentations that are now underway on my kitchen counter. On the left are the little cucumbers I started a little over a week ago, then the yogurt, and on the right the dough beginning its fermentation.
All of these transformations make such good and healthy food – thanks microbes!

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