A New Cheese and a New Pizza

Thanks to Annette at the South Bay School of Cooking for teaching me to make goat cheese. It wasn’t too hard once I had the supplies and tips from Annette.
I gathered all of the items needed. Heated the milk and followed the recipe – adding culture, calcium, and rennet at the appropriate time. Then waited. And waited. Waiting is the hardest part. Finally, I could see that the liquid had separated from the curds.
I tipped the pan to show the whey that had accumulated. I then carefully spooned the curds into the molds.
I purchased a Cambro food container with a rack in the bottom (I saw Annette using one at South Bay School of Cooking) and placed the molds in it to drain.
IMG_2348  IMG_2349
After a period of draining, I removed the cheese from the mold and put them directly on the rack to drain more if needed. I then stored the cheese in the refrigerator. We have been sampling the cheese since in came out of the molds but the pizza shown above really let it shine.
I marinated halved grapes in olive oil and fresh rosemary and used them with some prosciutto and the goat cheese to make the pizza. I topped the pizza with arugula when it came out of the oven. It was the first pizza to disappear from the table that night. I had leftovers of the others but not the goat cheese grape pizza!

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