Sweet Treats for Sweethearts

Ok, ok, so my last post said we all get too much sugar during the holidays but a friend and I decided to make sweet treats for our husbands as gifts. She wanted to make homemade peanut butter cups and I made homemade peppermint patties. These were mostly pretty easy to make – make a filling of either peanuts ground with some sugar or powdered sugar with peppermint oil. Melt some chocolate. For the peanut butter cups, we put a teaspoon full of chocolate in a small muffin cup, add a peanut butter filling, and then top with more chocolate. Let cool to set.

For the mints, make the filling, freeze the filling,  and then dip in melted chocolate. The recipe said to put the patties on a rack so the excess chocolate would drip off.

Everything looked great until I tried to get the mints off the rack. They were so completely cooled that they were part of the rack and threatened to crack if I tried to pry them off. I was going to use a hairdryer to try and melt them enough to loosen them when my younger son grabbed the heat gun and had them off in seconds. Whew!
As you can see in the above right picture, we were inspired by Karen Solomon’s book “Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It.”
Thanks to the book we had some fun homemade gifts for the special guys in our lives. And thanks to Cara for her pictures in this post!

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