More Kumquats

I picked the tree clean this week and had two large bags of fruit to preserve. I gave half to one of my classmates and I have been processing the rest. I made 4 more half-pints of marmalade. I made 4 half-pints of Spicy Candied Kumquats (thanks Terra for this site). And last, I made a Kumquat Sauce by removing the peels, cooking the pulp and seeds with some sugar, water and the rest of the sauce from the Spicy Kumquats. Cooked that mixture for 20 minutes and strained it. Then I cooked the peels in water to soften them and ran them through the food processor and strained the mixture. I combined the peel mixture with the thickened pulp mixture. I then processed the pints for 15 minutes in a water bath. I think this sauce combined with fresh ginger and soy would make a great marinade and sauce for chicken. Or I could thin it and sweeten it and make a sorbet. What fun to experiment!

And I don’t want to see a kumquat tree for another year!

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