Checking the Sprinklers

Beautiful May afternoon and I have been busy washing the car and working in the front yard. As I haven’t hit the shower yet and it is quite warm, I decided to check the backyard sprinklers to make sure they are all running as intended. This process usually involves me getting quite wet as I move around adjusting them as they are running. The above photo shows me drying out a bit. I did not mind but I am not so sure about the girls. As the sprinklers in their yard usually run at night they just stood there getting wet during the test. I guess they thought it was some weird weather phenomenon where rain comes even when the sun is shining. Actually I don’t believe that. I believe they are just bird brains that don’t even think. They have a dry coop they could have retreated to but did they? Of course not.


This photo is so that I can track the growth of the tomatoes. There are actually green tomatoes on the vines so with some warm weather we may have tomatoes within the month.

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