Labeling Your Canning

Whenever you can something, or freeze, or dry, or just plain store something, you need to label it. I have pulled a bag out of the freezer and thought that I had discovered something from a past epoch – frozen turkey from which Thanksgiving??
There are many ways to label a product. The easiest is a permanent marker written on the bag for the freezer or lid of a canning jar. It is hard to get all of the details of a canning project on the lid when you are hand labeling. So I usually print a label.

I have a Brother Label Printer, model QL-700, that came with some software that helps you design labels. My husband purchased it for about $50 at an Office Depot. We ordered additional labels from Amazon. It is not the easiest software to use but once you get a format you like you just save the label and use it as a starting point for your next project. There are different size labels you can purchase for this machine. The above is a 3.5 inch label which is too large for a canning jar so I use a round cutter to slice off the edges and it makes a nice looking label then.

If  you want to make nicer looking labels, there are Avery labels that come with templates. Avery makes labels for both regular mouth jars and wide mouth jars.

And if you really want to get fancy try this site:


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