Preserving Sunshine


I got to go pick kumquats and lemons last week at the Stanford Estate (aka the brother and sister in-laws’ home). The kumquat tree was loaded with fruit and they let me have almost all of it. When I got home I weighed the kumquats and found I had over 30 pounds of fruit. Some of the fruit was shared with other preservers but the majority had to be processed by me. I made kumquat marmalade, dried kumquats, preserved lemons, and peeled and juiced lemons. We have eaten preserved lemon risotto, lemon chicken, lemon pesto, and made lemonade!
The special label on some of the marmalade is to honor the special grandmother who owned the kumquat tree. Millie Stanford just passed away at age 91. Hopefully eating some of her fruit will help us to live such a long life.


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